The Hotel Rehearsal

In 2013 I worked in collaboration with architect/artist Alex Schweder in a team of two on an ambulant installation titled The Hotel Rehearsal. 

Over a period of 8 months we worked together to design, build, promote and install our installation. I worked with Alex to design and create everything from the interior inflatable mechanism to sewing the custom curtains.

This accommodation drives between parking lots rehearsing hotelness and its accompanying view by combining a van, a scissor lift, and an inflatable room. 

Our project was commissioned by the Biennial of the Americas, held in Denver July 2013; From October 2nd to the 16th, “the hotel rehearsal ©” was re-branded as “Rehearsal Space” and reinstalled at the Glass House designed by Philip Johnson, it was also shown during Miami Art Basel December 2013 in a parking lot in Miami.